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The setup procedure is very simple and consists of two steps:


  • Setup database
  • Setup Reports


To install the database, run the command SetupDb.cmd.




The procedure will ask the server name and the instance name of SQL Server and then the credentials with which to access to the database. It is possible to specify a SQL Server user or use the Windows integrated security. Specify a user who has at least the rights of database creator.

It is important to specify the same SQL Server instance in which you have BizTalkMgmtDb database.

To install reports, run the command SetupReport.cmd.




You have to specify SQL Server Reporting Services web services URL and the path in which you have installed RS.EXE program.

You must have the rights of content managers to publish reports.


Once the setup is complete, you must configure the reports data source.

Run the report manager.




Navigate the "Data Sources" folder, select the data source "BizTalkReport" and edit the connection string.






Finally apply the configuration.

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